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3 reasons to choose Ubiquiti Wireless

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

With the demand for WiFi in modern day society,  whether it's based around cost saving, faster speeds or better coverage, WiFi is progressing further into the future.

With the remarkable capabilities of what Wi-Fi companies such as Ubiquiti Networks (UBNT) are providing there clients and the forever expanding demand for options including 802.11ac wave 2 and ease of use setup.

Ubiquiti Wireless AP, 802.11ac Wave 2 , Witech Solutions
Ubiquiti AP 802.11ac Wave 2

Faster Speeds

With the prominent use of downloading and streaming becoming more of the common demand, the newly developed 802.11ac enabled wireless access points provide clients up to 1.3 Gbps over the air. Thus minimizing all old age constraints based around the wireless infrastructure scene.  

Cost Savings

With the physical constraints of cables having to be installed in many major projects/sites to every desk or common area, more organisations are making the switch over from wired to wireless infrastructure. This not only is  reducing cost, time and effort which provides end users with scalability  for future needs, while wired networks are further diminishing, becoming the past. 

Better Coverage

Newer technology such as 802.11ac Wave & 802.11ax is further providing greater signal coverage and speeds to clients connecting. This has been a past constraint with many areas requiring hundreds of clients connecting at the one point in time such as public spaces or event facilities. With  the push for developing protocols and standards by leading wireless vendors such as Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus, Ubiquiti and Aerohive many of these situations faced by clients are being mitigated further as technology expands. 

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