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Cyber Security

Who needs Security?

With hacking attempts and malicious attacks on the rise, network security is no longer a good to have component on your network, it is a must have, to save and protect your Intellectual Property.

Organisations should protect themselves against the security threats posed by today’s cyber world and safeguarding their data, mission critical applications and corporate reputation.



How can we assist?


We proactively help to assess risk and stay a step ahead of sophisticated security threats. We help you protect your organisation without impacting your innovation. 


We focus on your security risk so that you can focus on your business.  We perform assessment security reviews and work with you to mitigate risk and ensure your operations are secure and compliant.


What do we provide?

  • We review your existing network standards

  • Understand the vulnerabilities  and risks that can impact or disrupt your business.

  • Provide mitigation techniques and analyse these attacks or vulnerabilities

  • Provide detailed documentation including recommendations and practices


Spyware found in Wifi network
Malicious email sent via hacked wifi network
hacker hijacking unsecured wireless network
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