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Non Destructive Digging (NDD)

Hydro Excavation/Service Locating

Witech Solutions now offers our premier clients located in Melbourne, Australia an exclusive opportunity to utilize a new service offering from Elite Environmental Pty Ltd.

Services we offer?

  • Non Destructive Digging / Hydro Excavation

  •  Underground Service locating (Fibre/copper conduits, utilities, communications)

  • Drain/pit cleaning

  • Waste management.

  • Pressure Washing

  • Emergence Response

  • Municipal services

Why choose us?

With our brand new custom 2020 Spoutvac combo unit which includes 7500ltr of Waste capacity and a 5,000ltrs of water storage for Drain Cleaning and NDD services, we are specialized.

Custom Hydraulic drive PTO also allows for optimal noise levels to be very quiet while in operation (allowing for residential operation with 24/7 night operation.

NDD, Hydro Excavation Melbourne

Custom built 2020 spoutvac Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) truck in Melbourne, Australia

Non Destructive Digging (NDD), Melb

Non-Destructive Digging / hydro excavation truck in Melbourne, Australia.

Hydro Excavation in Melbourne

Specialized 2020 Spoutvac Non-Destructive Digging truck in Melbourne, Australia

Hydro Excavation, Waste management

Professional experts completing Non Destructive digging in Melbourne

Waste management, Hydro Excavation

Pit cleaning and hydro excavation in Melbourne with expert tech.

pit cleaning victoria

Expert pit cleaning and hydro excavation

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