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Wireless Network Design

Wireless Network Design


Witech Solutions offers industry leading wireless network design and solution architecture services.


This is an interactive customer engagement service which entails our highly qualified engineers collaborating with your team, to gather all the necessary requirements to ensure that it meets all the business requirements. We design for:



Education Wireless design solutions

   Health Care

WiFi for healthcare & hospitals in Australi

Corporate Offices

Corporate Office for wireless access points


Hotel WiFi design experts in Australia

      Retail Stores

Retail stores for location tracking


Wifi for warehousing, experts in australia


Witech Solutions expert Wi-Fi engineers can design for: 

  • High Density Wi-Fi - which is deployed to provide a large amount of clients with fast & optimal speeds including 802.11ac Wave 2 for streaming or applications.

  • RTLS (Real time location services) - which essentially means wireless analytics and tracking user trends including location services and presence.

  • VoWIFI (Voice over WI-Fi)services which includes handheld phones, bar-code scanners or Soft phone applications such as Cisco Jabber or Skype.

High Density

High Density Wieless for Australia

Location tracking

Location tracking utilizing WiFi


VoWiFi expert engineers in Australa
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