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3 reasons to choose Cisco Meraki - Witech Solutions

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Cisco Meraki is moving fast in the wireless world, leaving behind it's competitors with it's easy to use Cloud Management platform. This essentially allows customers to manage their whole networking infrastructure (Wireless, Switching, Routing and Security) from a dashboard anywhere in the world. 

Customers are finding this revolutionary technology purchased by Cisco in November, 2012 shaping the ideas of wireless industry. With improvements in dashboard functionality and CMX Wi-Fi analytics progressing, Cisco Meraki caters for all customers.

Dashboard Functionality

In terms of functionality, Cisco Meraki dashboard is feature rich. Whether you want to view clients Wi-Fi signal, association statistics in real time or implement security based policies / content filtering in the matter of seconds, Meraki is for you. 


With the ever demanding expansion of customer networks, the concerns for scalability and redundancy become an apparent issue.  With the use of Cisco Meraki technology, this combines all your physical networks together with plug n play cloud management platform and east to use Site - to - Site VPN.

Whether you have a data centre in Sydney and another in Melbourne, this syncs all directly up to the Cisco Meraki Cloud, providing a central point to manage Switching, Routing, Security and Wireless.

RF Optimization 

The RF Optimization feature allows the Wi-Fi network to self managed while the customer's enjoy seamless connectivity. With outstanding features such as continuous channel scanning using the Meraki MR series in-built 3rd Wi-Fi radio. 

 RF interference detection using spectrum analyzer allowing customers to pin point key problems with Wi-Fi airspace. Classification of Rogue devices and self optimizing Channel / transmit power on Wireless Access Points. 

In conclusion, there is so many great features and advantages in the Cisco Meraki Cloud Platform. There is constant updates from the Meraki team improving the service and features for customers.

Witech Solutions Pty Ltd. are registered resellers of Cisco Meraki products in Australia. Contact us for exclusive free trials to customers looking to venture into this great product or visit for more information. 

Terms and conditions apply.

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