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Wireless Site


Post deployment 

A post-deployment site survey is performed after the WLAN equipment has been installed and configured. 


At this point, you have already installed the network equipment, and the focus of the survey is to validate that the installation matches the final network design.

What is the importance of Post-deployment site survey?


  • Opportunity for you to make adjustments before putting the network into production.

  • Perform a passive site survey after deployment to measure RF signal levels from multiple access points.

  • By doing so, you can validate that the network installation matches the final network design.

What do we provide?

  • Verification of RF signal strength and SNR throughout the coverage area, includes spectrum analysis.

  • Verification of adequate signal coverage overlap for roaming

  • Measure and reduce co-channel interference (CCI) among access points operating on the same channels

  • Validate actual client performance (when an active site survey is performed)

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