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   Validation              Survey

Validation Survey

A Wi-Fi Validation Site Survey otherwise known as passive/active site survey is used to understand the existing or new RF signal coverage, interference and other important factors such as data rates & airtime utilization from the deployed Wireless Network.

The validation site survey provides an opportunity for you to make adjustments before putting the network into production or assessing existing coverage issues.

How it works?

An expert wireless engineer attends onsite and walks the premises with a specialized tool constantly scanning the client & neighboring wireless networks.

What do we provide?

Inside our custom detailed reports which is prepared by our Certified Ekahau Masters you will find:

  • Site Overview

  • Both existing/post deployment site survey* (depending on engagement)

  • Signal Coverage heat-map

  • Signal-to-Noise ratio

  • Data rates

  • Layer 1 interference package (depending on engagement)

  • Best practice recommendations

wireless validation site survey - Witech

Wi-Fi Coverage

Wireless Signal Coverage effects

Custom Report

Custom Reporting with Wifi analytics

Data Rates


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Spectrum Analysis and WiFI inteference

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Cheap Wifi specialists in austraia

Expert advice

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