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        Wi-Fi Optimisation

Common Wi-Fi issues?

  • Are you experiencing poor wireless signal strength?

  • Wi-Fi seems to be dropping out?

  • Slow Wi-Fi connection speed?

  • Netflix not streaming properly? 

These are the common questions asked by our customers. 

What do we provide?

Witech Solutions can provide customers expert grade wireless solutions and troubleshooting services. We service all of australia including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and all international customers.

We can: 

  • Detect interference using spectrum analyser

  • Provide additional signal coverage

  • Enterprise grade wireless network re-design by onsite engineers

  • Remount & relocate existing access points

  • Assess network health and provide troubleshooting

  • Provide expert advice and consultancy

Onsite Engineer

Signal Coverage


engineer (1).png


wifi (3).png

Custom Report

Detailed Wireless site survey report

   Expert advice

Expert WiFi Advice from Australian company
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