AP on a Stick            Survey

AP on a stick Survey

An AP on a stick survey or otherwise known as "APoS", is accomplished by using a tripod, access point and antenna.


In this method, we try a few access points and antennas to get the desired coverage to suit customers requirements. 

This method is usually performed for mission critical  Wi-Fi network's such as Healthcare, Warehouse environments or VoWIFI (Voice over Wi-Fi deployments).

What do we do?


  • Tripod is raised to a desired height where the AP will operate on desired settings.

  • ​ The antenna will radiate and form a coverage pattern in the actual site.

  • Using a site survey software we capture  the RF signals using passive or active method. This method provides 95-99% accuracy in a wireless design.






What do we provide the customer?

  • Wireless coverage up to 99% accuracy

  • Detailed signal coverage heat map with AP placements.​

  • AP placement photos and mounting recommendations

  • Custom detailed report

  • Expert wireless design and best practices by CWNE & Certified Ekahau Master

  • Layer 1 interference and spectrum analysis check.


AP on a stick wireless site survey in Australia


AP placemet and installation by Expert Engineers from Witech Solutons Australia.

  AP Heatmap

AP placemet and installation by Expert Engineers from Witech Solutons Australia.

High Accuracy

Custom Report

Mission Critical

   Expert Advice

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